My approach to painting is intuitive. I tune into work with meditation. Inspiration springs from within – I paint from the heart, with love.


The painting process is also guided by intuition. It follows its own course, it is like a natural flow. My technique with ink and water allows formation of natural fractals, resulting in forms familiar from nature.


I call my work abstract in the sense that it is not intentionally representational. However, the paintings can be reminiscent of a landscape, or contain human or animal figures and faces. Because of this some of my work can also be seen as representational, but representation in it would then have a kind of a mystical aspect, as it occurs independent of intention.


Because of the way I work, my paintings are completely open to subjective interpretation. To the extent that they do not even have a determined “right way up”. That is why any names that I have given are not fixed, either, they are only an indication of what I have seen or thought of when looking at them.

maija mattila