My work usually starts from a vision that I’m inspired to paint . Visions arise from consciousness, often in meditation. I may see a whole image, or just a starting point. These visions are made of light so they are, in a sense, living. I wait for intuition to tell me how to translate such a vision into two dimensional form. I listen to intuition through the whole painting process. It’s as if the painting is a being with its own will, and it tells me what it wants to become.

Having grown up in Finland , forests and lakes were a magical playground for me as a child. At a young age I also liked to experiment with the senses. “How does it look, sound, feel if I do this …” I try to keep this playfulness in naming my work to challenge our perceptions about the world as well as about ourselves.

In the world we live today, a world of seemingly unsolvable problems and media culture of fear, I choose to focus on the potential for change. I’m excited by the idea that we might be on the verge of a huge paradigm shift. My goal is to make paintings that speak to the soul in some way.



MAPhil University of Helsinki 1999

Avoin taidekoulu artschool, Helsinki 2015-2019



2020 Artbox Project Zürich 2.0, Swiss Art Expo

2019 Avoin taidekoulu graduate show group exhibition, Helsinki, Finland

2017 “Whispers” solo exhibition, Nooran viinibaari, Hämeenlinna, Finland

2016 “Nature Speaks” joint exhibition with Marja Rosenberg, Kissakoski restaurant gallery tower, Hirvensalmi, Finland

2016 “Art in Space” group exhibition, Gumbostrand Konst o Form, Sipoo, Finland

2011 solo exhibition, Northern Lights restaurant gallery, Brighton, UK

2009/2010 ESA Annual group exhibitions, Estbourne, UK

2009 Arlington Art Show group exhibition, Arlington, UK