This series of forestscapes is special in that from the beginning I had the intention to depict forest. The paintings are an expression of my respect and gratitude for the great healing power of nature. I painted them on the wooded islands of Suvisaaristo, where I stayed for six months after a great loss. They are painted with water from the Baltic Sea.

maija mattila
Sanctum 3 42x29cm
maija mattila
Sanctum 4 42x29cm
Sanctum 5 59x42cm
Maija Mattila Sanctum 6
Sanctum 6 42x29cm
maija mattila
Sanctum 7 59x42cm
Sanctum forest painting
Sanctum 8 59x42cm
maija mattila
Sanctum 9 42x29cm
maija mattila healing forest
Sanctum 10 59x42cm
Sanctum 12 42x29cm
Sanctum 14 maija mattila
Sanctum 14 59x42cm
Sanctum 15 maija mattila
Sanctum 15 42x29cmn
Maija mattila ink painting
Sanctum 18 42x59cm